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Are All Of Your Products Completely Natural?

Yes! We Only Use 100% Natural Ingredients! Whole Fruits, Potent Essential Oils, Organic Butters And Virgin Oils.


Why Is The Shelf Life Of Your Products Shorter Than Other Items Like Yours?

All Of Our Products Have A Shorter Shelf Life That Products You Find In Stores. We Only Use 100% Natural Ingredients! Whole Fruits, Organic Butters And Potent, Virgin Oils. Although Keeping Our Products Refrigerated Preserves Them The Best, Refrigeration Is Not Required.


Can Your Products Be Used On Relaxed Hair?

Our Products Are Safe To Use On Natural Or Relaxed Hair. All Of Our Products Serve The Same Purpose: To Create And Maintain A Healthy Growth Environment, No Matter What State Your Hair Is In.


How Will I Know Which Products To Use For My Hair Type?

Each Product Lists The Ingredients And Formulation Under The Item Details.


How Soon Will I Get My Order?

Each Order Usually Ships Within 7 Business Days. However, If A Product Is Out Of Stock, It May Take Up To 14 Business Days. Shipping To The Continental U.S. Takes 2-5 Business Days After Orders Ship.


Does Your Products Work For All Ethnicities?

Our Products Are For Anyone Who Enjoys Oil-Based And Water-Based, Natural Products!


Are Your Products Available In Major Stores?

Currently, Our Products Are Only Available Online.


Do You Ship Internationally?

International Shipping Is Available; However, Some Products Are Not Recommended For Purchase Due To The Long Travel Time And Short Shelf Life Of Some Products. Please Contact Us If You Have Questions Regarding Individual Products.

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